THC Remedy

Elevate Your Dosing Experience with Resolute Remedies’ THC Remedy Collection

Made in-house with 100% THC-derived distillate in easy to use products, Resolute Remedies’ THC Remedy allows patients to find their perfect dosage window. THC Remedy comes in three easy forms, including capsules, tinctures and topicals.


Discover the exceptional precision of THC dosing with Resolute Remedies’ THC Remedy capsules: a testament to efficient and accurate consumption. Our THC Remedy capsule collection caters to diverse needs, offering a spectrum of strengths to choose from in micro, regular, extra and maximum strength. Crafted with care, each capsule is made with RBD coconut oil and distillate; vegan-friendly and free from gluten. THC Remedy capsules accommodate a wide range of lifestyles and sensitivities.


Experience the accuracy of THC administration with our Resolute Remedies THC Remedy tinctures. Employ the precision dropper for meticulous dosage measurement, whether incorporating into a beverage or administering sublingually beneath the tongue. Infused with vegan-friendly, gluten-free MCT oil, this product aligns with conscientious dietary choices. Our tincture selection spans diverse potencies, encompassing regular, extra, and maximum strength options. While determining your ideal dosage might involve a degree of trial and error, rest assured that the journey toward finding the right balance is a personalized one.


Resolute Remedies’ THC Remedy salve is a medical marijuana infused solution engineered to provide targeted pain and alleviation to promote skin rejuvenation through topical application. With a design that emphasizes user-friendliness, this coconut oil- and beeswax-based salve is effortlessly applicable, ensuring a seamless experience in your self-care routine. Crafted to offer a localized approach to relief, it caters to those seeking comfort and rejuvenation in specific areas. Harnessing the power of skin absorption, this non-psychoactive balm stands as a beacon of convenience and effectiveness.