1:1 Remedy

Harness the Power of CBD and THC with Resolute Remedies’ 1:1 Remedy Collection

Crafted in-house with 100% THC-derived and CBD-derived distillate in easy to use products, Resolute Remedies’ 1:1 Remedy allows patients to enjoy the wonders of both THC and CBD within easy to use products. 1:1 Remedy comes in three easy forms, including capsules, tinctures and topicals.


Explore the precision of dosing CBD and THC with our Resolute Remedies 1:1 Remedy capsules, a great way to include your two favorite cannabinoids with accurate consumption. Our 1:1 Remedy capsules cater to diverse needs ranging in dosages of micro, regular, extra and maximum strength. These capsules are carefully curated with RBD coconut oil, CBD distillate, and THC distillate to create a vegan-friendly and gluten-free dosing experience to fit all lifestyles and accommodations.


Bringing both CBD and THC together within an easy-to-administer dropper, our Resolute Remedies 1:1 Remedy tincture is here to provide you with the great power of CBD and THC that you can incorporate into your every day routine. Infused with vegan-friendly and gluten-free MCT oil, this product is great to incorporate into beverages or administer directly under the tongue. Our 1:1 Remedy tincture is available in regular, extra, and maximum strength to ensure there is a perfect dosage range for all consumers.


This coconut oil- and beeswax-based topical offers the relieving and rejuvenating benefits of CBD and THC. With our non-psychoactive formula, our Resolute Remedies 1:1 Remedy salve targets and alleviates pain through topical application. Applying directly to the source, our salve also promotes skin rejuvenation and softness. Created to offer more localized relief, this salve is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and absorbs directly upon application.