RSO Remedy

Embrace the Power of Full-Spectrum Flower with Resolute Remedies’ RSO Remedy Collection

Crafted with 100% in-house full spectrum Rick Simpson Oil, Resolute Remedies’ RSO Remedy offers patients the wide range of benefits RSO can provide with easy to use products. RSO Remedy is available in capsules and applicators.


Experience precise dosing in an efficient form with our Resolute Remedies RSO Remedy capsules. Each vegan and gluten-free capsule contains potent 100% full spectrum Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) to bring you the power of flower in a convenient form. With 20 capsules per bottle, consumers can experience a convenient way to access the benefits of full spectrum RSO with a more intense experience than traditional distillate. RSO Remedy capsules are available in regular strength for precise dosing.

Applicator Blend

Elevate your well-being through a fusion of strains with Resolute Remedies’ RSO Remedy applicators. Carefully crafted using a blend of strains, this formula provides the benefits of 100% full spectrum Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) conveniently dispensed within an easy-to-use applicator. Immerse yourself in the benefits of RSO by choosing to consume sublingually for swift absorption, orally for a systematic approach, or topically for localized application. With our RSO Remedy being available in an indica blend or a hybrid blend, you can choose the route that best resonates with you.

Lemon G CBD RSO Applicator

Unveil the potential of targeted relief with our strain-specific Lemon G applicator by Resolute Remedies’ RSO Remedy. This extraordinary formulation is designed to unlock the potential of precise well-being delivered from one of our patient community’s favorite strains: Lemon G! We have perfected the process of delivering this sativa-CBD RSO; an oil that boasts a wealth of medicinal compounds. Experience its effects by consuming sublingually, ingesting orally, or applying topically.