1:20 Remedy

Rejoice in Relief Anytime with Resolute Remedies’ 1:20 Low-THC Remedy Collection

Made in-house with 100% CBD-derived distillate and THC-derived distillate, Resolute Remedies’ 1:20 Remedy brings the comfort of relief to patients that can be used any time of day with low psychoactive effects. 1:20 Remedy is available in two easy forms: capsules and tinctures.


Crafted with 95% CBD and only 5% THC, our Resolute Remedies 1:20 Remedy capsules are a great way to target pain without high-psychoactive effects. We’ve created our 1:20 capsules with vegan and gluten-free RBD coconut oil to deliver accurate dosing and medicating to fit all lifestyles and accommodations. Available in extra strength and maximum strength, these capsules provide a unique medicating experience for any user. Suitable for any time of day, our 1:20 capsules offer consumer relief and wellness without the intense impact of higher amounts of THC.


Presenting the perfect blend of MCT oil with a high amount of CBD distillate, our Resolute Remedies 1:20 Remedy tincture is a precise route of medicating with lower amounts of THC. Each tincture contains 95% CBD distillate and only 5% THC distillate, creating the perfect tincture for relief during any hour of the day. Our 1:20 tincture is available in extra and maximum strength to suit the needs of any consumer looking for an easy-to-administer solution. Whether you prefer to include the tincture in your morning tea, or simply administer it under the tongue, this vegan-friendly and gluten-free option is here to ensure painless days.